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How to Become An Iconic Brand That Generates Massive Sales Using The C.O.R.E. Branding Method

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If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to take your brand out of the depths of obscurity and into the upper echelons of iconic stardom…

You’ve come to the right place. The C.O.R.E. method is the roadmap to turning any small brands with little authority and engagement into…

A brand that’s a recognized authority in their industry and generates a flood of sales and engagement with each piece of content.

Using the C.O.R.E. method is how we will accomplish our mission at BrandedMedia of bringing people to the world that matter.


What is C.O.R.E?

Something magical happens when you complete the elements of the Outer CORE. A synergistic effect that happens when two of the CORE elements combine. The Inner CORE creates a bond with your audience, builds your following across multiple channels, places you as the recognized expert in your industry, and turns your audience into repeat customers.

OUTER C.O.R.E-core


  • Connection
  • Omnipresence
  • Relevance
  • Engagement


To build an iconic brand, your audience needs to know, like and trust you.

So it all starts with building a deep emotional connection to your audience.

This is where your audience gets to know you. And it’s where we start building your likability factor.

So Connection breaks down into 3 parts:

  • CORE Story Development
  • Define Your Audience
  • Divergent Brand Strategy


CORE Story Development

Here is where we define YOU. WHO you are, WHAT you do and WHY you do it.

It’s the entire brand journey that’s led to who and where you are today.

But we aren’t defined by a single story…

I’m sure you can think of multiple defining moments in your life. 

By  leveraging the storytelling secrets of Hollywood, you’ll create 7 core stories that will form a deep emotional connection with your audience. 

Define Your Audience

Next you have to define who your audience is and where they hang out.

If you try to serve everyone, you will serve no one.

So to have the biggest impact on your audience’s lives, you need to know exactly who they are.

You need to know all their desires, fears and pains. This information is crucial for your positioning and differentiation.

Divergent Brand Strategy

You’re competing with thousands of other products and services trying to get your audience’s attention.

And if you know you have the superior product or service…

It’s your MORAL RESPONSIBILITY to be different.




To be an iconic brand, you need to always be top of mind of your audience.

They need to see you EVERYWHERE.

But the trick is to be omnipresent without being a nuisance. The minute you start to annoy your audience, your brand becomes invisible.

So here’s how it’s broken down:

  • Omnipresent Brand Design
  • Audience Channel Mapping
  • Multi-Platform Distribution Strategy


Omnipresent Brand Design

It starts with creating your Omnipresence Brand Guide.

This is by far one of the easiest ways to help you stay top of mind.

The colors, tone and design of your logo needs to appear everywhere across all relevant platforms.

Our goal is to tattoo your logo inside your audience’s brain.

Even most influencers aren’t consistent with their image on the platforms they show up on.

Audience Channel Mapping

Here’s where we track down where your audience hangs out. This is all part of the pre-work for your content attack plan.

Our goal is to make sure your content gets the highest amount of focused reach.

Multi-Platform Distribution Strategy

This is where we start filling in the details of your content strategy.

Everything from what time your audience is active down to the type of content that gets the best results.

There’s no hope-and-praying here. It’s all strategic calculation.

Next achieve




This part of C.O.R.E. is the difference between a brand and a brand that makes money.

If you want your audience to invest in your service or products you need to demonstrate you are relevant to them.

So here’s how your relevance breaks down:

  • Core Offer.
  • 5 Pillars of Expertise.
  • Pillar Network Mapping.


Core Offer

Your Core Offer is built off of your expert positioning. By this point, your audience already knows and likes you.

Now you prove to them why they should trust you. And you do that by offering a solution that cures them of their pains, fears and frustrations. 

We want to position you as the ONLY solution to their specific problems. 

5 Pillars of Expertise

Now here’s where we narrow down the topics that will fuel your brand content.

We don’t want you to be that boring person who only talks about one thing. The minute your audience gets bored of you…

…is also the minute they start ignoring you.

So with diversified brand topics, it keeps your audience on their toes and excited to hear what you have to say.

Pillar Network Mapping

There’s no better way to boost your authority than to have other experts endorse you.

Pillar Network Mapping is about reinforcing your expertise by aligning yourself with experts in each of your pillar topics. 

Developing these strategic relationships with well-established experts will amplify your brand, along with theirs to cement your reputation in an area of expertise.




So how do you know if you’re making an impact with your brand?

They’ll tell you with votes. And online votes are the all the engagement you’ll get with each piece of your content.

If you’re not getting much engagement with your content now, it’s okay.

Here’s the 3 things you need to cure yourself of “silent engagement syndrome”.

  • Social Engineering.
  • Call-to-Reaction Method.
  • Target Audience Engagement.


Social Engineering

Marketing is manipulation. It’s a power that can be used for good or evil. 

You can harness this power to create a raving fan culture.  

By creating content that promotes positive change and impact in your audience’s lives, it fosters engagement. 

That engagement then transforms into a magnet for attracting other like-minded prospects into your world. 

Call-to-Reaction Method

There’s no better way to deepen the relationship with your audience then actually talking to them.

The purpose of this type of content is to create conversations.

You want to become friends with your audience. Anytime they interact with you should feel like they’re talking to an old friend.

Target Audience Engagement

Not all engagement is created equal.

If you’re getting engagement only from your family or friends, something’s off.

The goal is to get you TARGETED ENGAGEMENT.

One of the signs of good brand content is when you can spark engagement from your ideal customer.



What is the Inner CORE?

INNER C.O.R.E-core




When you’re creating deep, emotional connections with your audience AND they’re giving you their votes of approval with engagement…

You’re going to magnetically attract your audience to you naturally. It’s like you’re commanding their attention to your brand with a snap of a finger.

So here’s what happens when you CAPTIVATE your audience:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Pattern Disruption
  • Intimate Conversations


Brand Awareness

When you captivate your audience, you’ll naturally attract massive brand awareness.

New strangers will start to interact with you every day on autopilot and become indoctrinated with your brand.

Pattern Disruption

Imagine your audience is scrolling through their Facebook feed…

And when they come across you, they stop immediately. And commit their time to consume your content.

This is a natural side-effect of captivation. (WARNING: You’re giving thousands of people a reason to procrastinate from their daily activities…)

Intimate Conversations

When you create connections with your audience members and they’re engaging with you…

You have the opportunity to engage in intimate conversations and serve them at the highest level…

This is one of the most underutilized methods to create true brand loyalty.




Now you’re starting to get some traction. Your following is growing every day consistently.

At this point you’ve begun to build your own community.

And now you’ll experience all the benefits of having your own inner circle.

  • Multi-Channel Audience Growth
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Focused Organic Reach


Multi-Channel Audience Growth

When you’re omnipresent and connecting with your audience…

Your following will start to snowball on all channels you appear on.

This is the process of planting your seeds of influence everywhere. But it’s only the beginning.

Brand Loyalty

Creating an active community is one of the hallmarks of brand loyalty.

At this point you’re not just creating customers, you’re creating fans.

And the good thing about fans is they’re usually repeat customers.

Focused Organic Reach

With a community, you get direct access to a group of your ideal customers.

This means all of your organic reach becomes laser focused.
No extra ad spend needed.




So by now your audience knows, likes and trusts you.

This is where a lot of brands fall short. They fail to develop any authority.

When you create authority, your audience RESPECTS you. This opens a world of new opportunity that would be unavailable if you had zero authority.

So what comes with having strong authority in your industry?

  • Social Proof
  • Industry Recognition
  • Premium Pricing


Social Proof

Social proof is one of the most valuable things you can use to leverage your brand.

It’s an important piece of your credibility. And it gives confidence to your audience that you have the solution to their problems.

Industry Recognition

When you’re a recognized expert in your industry, people will vouch for you.

You’ll be the choice of referral for any of your audience’s friends or family that needs your product or service.

When you’re the industry expert, people will cling to the words you say.

Premium Pricing

One of the best perks of having authority is to charge what you’re worth.

You’ll be able to charge premium prices for your services.

As long as you can deliver the value, people will gladly pay your asking price.




Once you demonstrate your relevance to your audience and your audience starts to engage with you…

Now you’ve become influential with your brand.

This is where you can persuade your audience to take action and change their lives.

With influence comes responsibility.

  • Shifting Beliefs
  • Decision Making
  • Monetization


Shifting Beliefs

It’s your job to guide your audience in the right direction.

If you want to have massive impact on your audience, you’ll need to shift their beliefs from the head trash that is holding them back.

When you become an influential brand, this powerful skill comes with it.

Decision Making

It’s a fact that people MUST give you their time before they give you their money.

By having influence over your audience, you have the ability to guide their decision making.

So it’s your job to get a series of micro-commitments from your audience.

Everything from consuming your content to downloading your lead magnets to directly messaging you.


Once your audience knows, likes, trusts and respect you…

And they’ve committed their time to engage with your brand through a series of micro-commitments…

They’re ready to buy what you have to offer.

Now it’s job to over-deliver and fulfill the promise you have to serving your audience at the highest level.
And you’ll be rewarded handsomely for it.

What Our Clients Have To Say...


What Our Clients Have To Say...