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How To Use Your Brand To Build Authority, Demand Premium Prices, and Create A Legacy.

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  • How to use the storytelling secrets of Hollywood to create MASSIVE sales. There’s a reason blockbuster movies have the same storyline. Now you’ll be able to “copy” it and use it for yourself!

  • Why you have a moral responsibility to do this one thing for your audience…Especially when there’s crappy competitors trying to steal your customers from you!

  • PLUS — the real way to create a customer avatar. Demographics mean nothing! Once you know these 3 things about your audience, they’ll sell themselves!

  • What NEVER to do when posting content. By following this “traditional” content strategy, you’re forcing your audience to ignore you every time you post something!

  • The sneaky trick Coca-Cola uses to stay top of mind of the masses. Here’s how you can steal this trick and create the same effect with your audience.

  • Does your content strategy consist of posting and crossing your fingers after? Stop playing the hope-and-pray game like everyone else and start creating “calculated” content that gets consistent results.

  • How to harness the power of “social engineering” to create a raving fan culture around your brand.

  • Why engagement isn’t a vanity metric. This method uses engagement to measure how well your offer will do.

  • The majority of the market are tire-kickers. Here’s how to repel those free-loaders and target the actual prospects who KNOW the value of investing in themselves and aren’t afraid to do so.

  • Create a breakthrough offer that cements you as the ONLY solution to your audience’s pains, fears and frustrations.

  • THE TRUTH ABOUT EXPERTISE: Always talking about one topic is B-O-R-I-N-G. You want your audience’s attention? Use this strategy to keep your audience interested and anxiously waiting for your next post.

  • The single most important thing you can do to skyrocket your authority in the marketplace. Do this wrong and you’ll be blacklisted and lose credibility overnight!